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ILL Gordon

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Born and bred in Chicago, Illinois
ILL Gordon is popular and active in the local independent music scene.
It is his artistic inventiveness, penning lyrical ascendancy, and precision
in song delivery that makes for a tout de suite in captivating listeners’ attention.
Crowning him a music genius.


What ILL Gordon's About

The versatile musician began his musical journey by picking up drumsticks at the age of three.
Later, his love for words developed and his career in rap began at the age of nineteen.
Overtime, ILL Gordon displayed mastery in moving the crowd by lifting the energy of show attendees in upheaval to presenting impelling performances.


Delivering powerful performances in front of packed show crowds both locally and abroad afforded him to open for mainstream hip-hop acts including: 
The Lox, Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli, Black Milk, Yo-Yo, to Slum Village.
ILL Gordon also has European tours in his bag ranging from the United Kingdom, France, and Germany that garnered him an avant-garde and vast fanbase.


His discography is praised for its cinematic storytelling, clever and witty wordplay, and commanding presence on the microphone the aura of hip-hop and its origins vibrates to the masses flava in their ears.


The rapper applies the adage of prioritizing creativity and consistency to produce original music that resonates with his listeners without chagrin.

Notable Performances:

-Airplay on BBC Radio 1
and BBC Online

-Over 150+ shows played in:
United States, United Kingdom,
Germany and France

-Shared stages with:
Black Milk, LOX, Slum Village,
Talib Kweli, and Mobb Deep.

-Performed at festivals such as:
SXSW, A3C, Peoria Harvest
Festival, and The African Arts Festival

Super Fly Tour 2018.jpg
Press Releases:

"The only time you fail, is when you quit."
- ILL Gordon

Booking Contact:
Rashad Jefferson

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