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Music Recording


We work one on one with every artist to get you the best results.

No bots, no fake streams, only REAL marketing

Organic Social Media Growth Campaign

Let us handle your social media growth 100% Organic. No Bots or Fake Traffic.


Get 30 days of Organic social media content edited and posted to all 5 of your social media accounts absolutely hands free.

Strategic Ad Campaigns

Ever have a bad experience with ads? Don't know where to start?

We have experience running SUCCESSFUL ad campaigns that get you REAL fans and traffic to your social and streaming platforms

Website Building

Get a custom, fully operational website.

Starting at $600 and as low as $25/ year operation costs.

Sell your music, merch, tickets, and grow your community. Plus get a custom EPK page and PDF.

Music Video Editing

Full range of video editing: short form clips from music videos and interviews, to full length music videos. All videos are high Definition and short clips are formatted for all the 9x16 platforms.

Shorts - $10/ clip, $80 for 10 clips

1 shot music video - $100. Comes with captions, effects, and 5 clips

Full multi scene video - $450.

Comes with effects, transitions, and 5 clips with captions.

All video work is a "You shoot, I edit" format.

Email Marketing

Custom emails sent to your fan base weekly.


Designed to promote your music and build deeper connection with your fans, increase music and merch sales, and get you on a path to living that artist lifestyle.

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